Øivind Næss (b. 1988) has directed one feature film and a number of short films which he has also written. With a thematic fascination for unusual relationships, many of his films are character-driven dramas depicting ‘outsiders.’

His short film FIRST DAY (2011) was sold to UR - Swedish Educational Broadcasting and screened at multiple film festivals in the USA and Europe.

His shorts THE OVERLOOKED (2014) and BEACH SEASONS (2014) was sold to Filmbay, a VOD streaming service.

His fictional short film NORA TOMORROW (2015) was sold to The Norwegian Tourettes Association and went on to screen at The Los Angeles Int. Children's Film Festival, Kids First! Film Festival (USA) and NFI's Norsk Kort Programme (Norway).

Næss studied film and TV production at the USC School of Cinematic Arts (Los Angeles). With a special emphasis on directing actors and fostering unique performances, he also has a proven track record as a screenwriter. Coupled with his experience in physical production he is equipped to manage film and TV endeavours in various stages and in different capacities.